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Who we Are


We are a Sydney based boutique full service marketing agency located in the heart of Surry Hills.

Founded in 2019 by award winning marketer Caroline Heslop, we offer integrated creative solutions to business problems for exciting brands worldwide.

At Sketch, are in the business of changing behaviours. Gone are the days of the traditional consumer. We are here to influence and shape the behaviours of “brand participants”.

At our core, we’ve got the creative services and capabilities to craft ideas that produce game-changing results.

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Who we Are


We are a team of highly skilled marketing experts and our focus is to get to know your business as part of your team.

We work to craft innovative, meaningful, resonant solutions that work now and into the future.

We know how to navigate the changing landscape to ensure your vision and marketing align and propel your business to the next level of success.


Every business has a story and we exist to create ideas to help them weave it.

In plain and resonant language. The worlds best brands have actionable purpose and our role is to define and develop tangible brand experiences.


Our vision is a world full of inspired connection, authentic meaning and heart brought to life through people centric creativity.


We are proud of the values we have as a team, a company and individuals.
We carry these with us everyday and they are instilled in the way we work and play.

We love aligning ourselves with brands that resonate with these values.

Our best

We are masters of our craft. We bring our best everyday in order to deliver the highest quality work for our clients. We thrive on challenges. We flag when we need support and we lift each other up to bring out the best in one another.


Same is boring. We strive to be different. We see beauty in diversity and we encourage our team and clients to let their uniqueness be on display.

Family Focused

In modern times, balance of home & work has never been more important. We are a family team but we work to live. We support each other (clients included!) to log off and plug into home life to ensure we are all restored and bring our best selves to the office.


We show up everyday, always as our true selves. Flaws and all. In being authentic we invite others to open up and the creative process begins.

Collaboration and Creativity

Over hierarchy and sameness. All opinions and ideas are welcome here. Let's always think inside and outside the square to find the best solution as a team.

Planet Friendly

In everything we do we strive to do what's best for the planet.

Helping the little guy

Sometimes the sweetest successes are the quietest ones. We always want to try to help in whatever way we can. From working with small businesses to helping out charities and NFPs. If sometimes this means picking up a shovel and getting our hands dirty - then so be it!


We constantly seek out opportunities for our clients and our own business. We love to see everyone growing and snatching whatever is for the taking.


One team, one dream. We are all in this together as one and we treat each other with the respect we all deserve. When we are respected we feel valued and when we feel valued we shine.

Talent and passion over qualifications

We love to grow and advocate for constant learning and but we have immense respect for raw talent and passion. We welcome creators and clients from all walks of life no matter what it says on paper to say hello.

meet the team

Caroline Heslop - Director & Founder - Brand Marketer, strategist and project manager

caroline Heslop

Brand Marketer, strategist and project manager

With over 15 years’ experience in marketing in Australia and the US, Caroline has had the pleasure to work with some of the world’s largest brands building award-winning campaigns including Diageo, Rolex, Nestle, Kellogg's, Afterpay, Adidas, Kmart, Target, Sephora, Lululemon, Ray Ban, GAP, Disney, Mattel, Warner Bros. and Sony.

She founded Sketch Collective in 2020 to bring that world class experience and her most trusted creatives to her clients whether they be big or small to drive business altering brand success.

Caroline. H

Prior to opening the doors at Sketch Collective, Caroline had the pleasure of working with:

Jermaine Younger


"She is an incredibly collaborative, insightful and knowledgeable business partner. She is a strategic thinker with a clear passion for the projects she works on and the quality of work she wants to deliver. She helped to establish strong partnerships that led to successful projects and campaigns."

Kat Earls


"I worked with Caroline on many moving pieces and she was always ahead of the curve. Having someone who can anticipate workload and design solution-oriented plans against objectives did wonders to keep the team on track and the business growing. I'd be thrilled to work with Caroline again."

Jonathan Nedvin

Northwell Health

"I've seen Caroline go above and beyond in leading the launch of new programs and initiatives, as well as always managing day-to-day business in a strategic and effective way. She is a great collaborator and a true pleasure to work with. I recommend Caroline and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future."

Alicia Vartanian


"Caroline has stellar attention to detail and passion for process. I was very lucky to have her wisdom to learn from!"

Meredith Stager

Old Navy

"She is a strategic thinker, strong relationship builder and excellent project manager. It was truly a joy to work with Caroline."


Our company and clients thrive because we surround ourselves with dynamic, inspired people who demand excellence of themselves, and are fearless in their approach.


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Our All Stars headshots
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Our All Stars headshots
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Our All Stars headshots
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Our All Stars headshots
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Our All Stars headshots
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